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Athena Cykes: Ace Wingman
Simon didn’t seem as happy recently; even eleven-year-old Athena could see it. All he wanted to do after work was watch Steel Samurai, work on his case files, or sleep; he never played with her anymore. Athena was determined to fix this, but first she had to figure out how.
Mommy wasn’t as happy before she met Mommy Aura. She thought to herself. Maybe Simon would be happier if he got a boyfriend.
Simon, to put it simply, was terrible when it came to attracting guys. He always seemed to get nervous and say the wrong thing, and when it came to romance, he was terrible at reading signals. He excelled in court but came up lacking in matters of the heart.
First she’d have to find the perfect guy. Simon deserved someone that was caring, and passionate; not just any jerk could have him, and she knew the perfect guy. His name was Bobby Fulbright; he was a detective, and had worked closely with Simon in the past. She didn’t know too much about him,
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41 Sickfic prompts
1. Character A decides to surprise Character B at work, only to find out B isn't feeling well, but went to work, anyways.
2. Character A and Character B go their separate ways for the day, only to run into each other buying fever reducers/cold medicine at lunch. 
3. A and B are both sick, only A becomes a total asshole when they're sick, and B becomes over-sensitive when sick. (Bonus, if one or both characters are the exact opposite the rest of the time).
4. A and B decide to fake being sick to get out of work/school, but A actually is sick.
5. A and B go camping together and both fall in poison ivy. A is immune... B is far from it.
6. A gets sick on April fools, B thinks its a joke.
7. A is high on cold medicine, B must deal with it.
8. A loses their voice right before an important speech/recital/court case, B must fill in for them.
9. A is sick and just wants to be left alone, B won't let them.
10. A rarely gets sick, but when they do, its much worse than when B gets
:iconanimedemon001:Animedemon001 3 0
In which Dick Gumshoe pet sits
Dick Gumshoe was always looking for ways to make a little extra money, so when he saw an opportunity, he took it. Miles Edgeworth just didn’t pay him enough these days, and it seemed that he was getting less and less every day (Miles had started docking everyone’s pay for doing things that caused him problems, such as showing up late for court, pissing off Simon Blackquill, and giving Miles’s current location to Phoenix).
This weekend Miles was attending a prosecutor’s convention in Portland, and would have to fly out on Thursday. He somehow got it in his head to bring Simon, who in a last ditch attempt to get out of, mentioned that he had nobody to care for Taka. Since Miles already needed someone to watch Pess, he offered Dick $1000 to watch both animals for the almost for days they’d be gone.
Dick had accepted right away. $1000 was a lot, and pet sitting didn’t seem too hard; he could even bring them to his place, as the apartment complex allowed
:iconanimedemon001:Animedemon001 0 0
When Taka Met Pess
Miles Edgeworth had been bringing his dog, Pess, to the office more and more lately. Because of the frequent exposure to the same territory, it was no question that the dog would eventually meet Taka. Everyone was instructed to keep an eye on both animals, as nobody knew what would happen when the met.
On one unusually average day, Pess was sniffing around the building like she always did, greeting anyone who passed by, when suddenly she encountered a smell she’d never smelt before. It reminded her of the pigeons she liked to chase in the park, but less like the city streets, and more like the place with all the trees that Miles took her to sometimes on the weekends.
She followed the scent to a strange creature that looked a bit like a pigeon, but bigger and thinner. She didn’t know what kind of animal he was, but she had heard someone call him Taka before. Maybe that’s what he was; a Taka.
She playfully sniffed the new creature, and while he was apprehensive a first,
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Ace Attorney OC Template
Meaning (if any):
One-off nicknames:
Date of birth:
Blood type:
Other medical conditions:
Skin tone:
Hair color:
Hair style:
Other unusual traits:
Everyday outfit:
Other outfits (Copy form as many times as necessary): 
General personality:
How others describe their personality:
    Favorite food:
    Favorite color: 
    Favorite time of day:
    Favorite season:
    Favorite animal:
    Favorite activity:
:iconanimedemon001:Animedemon001 0 9
Tips for creating Crystal Gem OC's
Intro: This guide was suggested by :iconegirlwinter:, and I haven't done any tutorials in a while, so here we go. Steven Universe is really popular right no, so its no surprise that people would be creating a lot of Crystal Gem OC's. Unfortunately, not all Crystal Gem OC's are that unique, or even too good. This guide will help you create a good and unique Crystal Gem OC.
Name: All canon Crystal Gems (Except Steven, as he is only half Gem) are named after a real kind of gem or mineral. While making up a Gem name might seem like a good way to get out of research, its just lazy and can even make you seem ignorant. And as a rule, don't give your character the name of a canon gem. Google is your best friend with this one.
Gem placement: Gem placement isn't too important, but its still worth mentioning. Every Gem's gem placement is different, but that doesn't mean you can't take inspiration from another Gem for gem placement ideas.
Appearance: The Gems vary in bo
:iconanimedemon001:Animedemon001 7 2
The Rocket Exchange
On a seemingly normal day for the members of Team Rocket, they each received an odd and unexpected letter from the boss, prompting a change in routine.
Attention members of Team Rocket,
It has come to my attention that many of you have been doing the same thing every day for quite a while now, some of you with little to no success. In order to broaden your horizons and see if any of you would be better off assigned to something else, we will be participating in something called the Rocket exchange program. You will be given the duties of other members to see how you perform. Below is the list of participating members and who they will be replacing for a day.
Attila and Hun will be taking the duties of Jessie and James.
Butch and Cassidy will be taking the duties of Attila and Hun.
Jessie and James will be taking the Duties of Butch and Cassidy.
All unlisted members who have received this letter must report to me for their assignments. Thank
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Steampunk bug bracelet by Animedemon001 Steampunk bug bracelet :iconanimedemon001:Animedemon001 6 0 Undertale inspired greeting card by Animedemon001 Undertale inspired greeting card :iconanimedemon001:Animedemon001 2 0 Quartz Necklace by Animedemon001 Quartz Necklace :iconanimedemon001:Animedemon001 9 7
Crystal Gem OC Template
Name (Gem):
Age (If known):
Current residence: 
Body type:
Gem placement/color:
Hair style/color:
Skin tone:
Main outfit:
Other outfits:
General personality:
Romantic partner:
Best friend:
Other friends:
Gem information:
Place of origin: 
Fusions (Copy form for each fusion):
    Fusion name:
    Corrupted appearance: 
    Corrupted personality:
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Printable 3D Undertale Soul Keychain by Animedemon001 Printable 3D Undertale Soul Keychain :iconanimedemon001:Animedemon001 2 7 Little Window Frog by Animedemon001 Little Window Frog :iconanimedemon001:Animedemon001 4 1 3D Chair by Animedemon001 3D Chair :iconanimedemon001:Animedemon001 1 0
Heels on stone clicked the thunder,
With each step the halls grew quieter,
I hid myself within the shadows,
Filled with a great unease,
Hoping she wasn’t looking for me,
Hoping she wouldn’t notice my thin form.
But as a hand dragged me from the dark by my collar,
I knew she had come for me,
She stared into my eyes,
Like she was searching my soul,
And absolute terror washed over me.
Some would call it foolish,
Nothing short of irrational fear,
But they didn’t know what she was capable of,
The constant abuse of her powers,
Sucking it dry like a leach,
She was nothing more than a parasite,
But I was not the host,
I was a poison,
She had to get rid of me while I was still weak.
:iconanimedemon001:Animedemon001 0 1
Of Bilby's and Hospital Beds: Chapter 6
~Morro (Molossia)~
Oliver wasn’t tough; he might’ve been tall, but he was thin and lacked any real muscle. He didn’t have much knowledge of how the real world worked. But he was also my only friend, and I had to make sure high school didn’t kill him (Which would have been easier if beating the crap out of his tormentors didn’t get me so many suspensions).
It only took me two weeks before everybody in the entire school was afraid to lay a finger on him. I kept him by my side whenever I could to give anybody who would even think of messing with him just to give them an idea of what they were up against if they ever did so. And as for anybody who did it when I wasn’t around, they never got off with less than a bloody nose.
It was fine for a while, I’d walk him to class mostly for the company, and nobody would corne
:iconanimedemon001:Animedemon001 0 0

Random Favourites

Another Rant Nobody Cares About: Otherkin
WARNING: May trigger intense assburger and autistic rage
I've been tempted from the beginning to write something like this. Apparently the Otherkin are a sub-culture of people who believe themselves to be the reincarnations of animals or fictional ones, although there are some who believe to be reincarnation of fictional animu characters. In just one short summary, they are absolutely retarded. If you think yourself as the reincarnation of some wolf/cat/dragon/ whatever fuck, then why the fuck haven't you moved in the wilderness yet? I thought the "Otherkin" where just another group of nerds who RPed as fucking monsters, but when I read some of the shit they were typing down. 100% of them were dead serious, I just literally wanted to pull the trigger linked to a thousand nuclear bombs and simultaneously detonate each and every one. I would just love to see one of you faggots trying to talk to a wolf, lion, crocodile, shark or whatever and then get mauled to death.
And no. Don't act lik
:iconvoidstalker23:VoidStalker23 3 21
Otherkin by Chiminix Otherkin :iconchiminix:Chiminix 283 574 Dogs on the job by humon Dogs on the job :iconhumon:humon 5,793 356 I don't buy Adoptables by KittyJewelpet78 I don't buy Adoptables :iconkittyjewelpet78:KittyJewelpet78 32 26 You are being the unfair one. by Little-rolling-bean You are being the unfair one. :iconlittle-rolling-bean:Little-rolling-bean 75 101
Abridged Character Sheet
     - Book, Chapter
     General Characteristics
Appearance: (What does your character look like? Written descriptions are fine.)
Other Names: (Nicknames, pen names, pet names, etc.)
Titles: (Prefixes, suffixes, etc. Wikipedia has a great list of these here.)
Alternate Forms: (What can your character turn into, voluntarily or involuntarily, while retaining control over that form or not? Descriptions are fine. An entirely new character sheet would be best.)
Theme Song: (What song best describes you character?)
     Personal Characteristics
Birth Date:
Birth Place:
Death Date: (Leave this blank if you don't know when they will die. You can alwa
:icondehydromon:dehydromon 1,704 48
Hamuhamu Matsuda by RegenTaenzer Hamuhamu Matsuda :iconregentaenzer:RegenTaenzer 24 27
Join my collaborative storytelling experiment?
One of my goals for 2015 is to build things. Personal projects, websites, tutorials, whatever I can create with the skills and tools I have at my disposal. Until now, I imagined myself building these things on my own because I've always been a creative loner who prefers working solo. But what if I gave collaboration a chance? How would I put my own spin on a joint project and do it in a way that's different from all the typical ways writers collaborate? 
The Concept
Well, this morning it came to me by colliding with an old idea I've had nestled away in the back of my head for years. It's a concept called "Fallout Letters," in which one writes a letter as a fictional character to another fictional character in the setting of a post-nuclear fallout. Maybe this event happened on earth as we know it right now it 2015, or maybe it happened at some future date or on some other world.
It's a challenge of the imagination as well as a challenge of medium. In keeping with a
:iconilluminara:illuminara 11 35
Pomegranates by renesmeecullen51 Pomegranates :iconrenesmeecullen51:renesmeecullen51 414 69 Digimon Spirit Creator by Hapuriainen Digimon Spirit Creator :iconhapuriainen:Hapuriainen 716 73
Nico's Sick Days
Nico, scourge of the Underworld, child of Hades, feared and hated, dangerous and stubborn, feared the needle. It was his fist checkup since….well, a long time. Even if it was Will from Apollo cabin, he hated it. Chiron had insisted after several campers had gotten ill. Now, he needed a shot.
A freaking shot.
Who liked getting shots? Who liked giving shots? It was one thing to tear a monsters apart. It was kill or be killed. No choice really-even if one did enjoy it from time to time. And if one got hurt-yeah, that happened. Accidents. No one liked getting hurt.
But giving or getting a shot? Give Nico a monster any day.
People who gave shots were sadists. Plain and simple.
He’d have never guessed that Will of all people would be giving the shots. Who knew Will was a sadist? The things you learned about people.
Will was great, really, smiling and laughing-it set Nico’s teeth on edge. He knew what was coming. A shot. The damn needle under his skin. Maybe it
:iconakela-nakamura:Akela-Nakamura 22 35
Adding Character FLAWS
-----Original Message -----
Characters have to have flaws, but sometimes it's a bit hard to add those flaws in.
    -- Concerned About Characters
First of all...
What is a character Flaw?
A character's Flaw is a crack in their personality and/or talent. Something that both helps them AND harms them. Kind of the way true artists (and brilliant nerds) tend to also be serious flakes, and really socially awkward. This is actually because they spend so much time perfecting their talents that they simply aren't around people enough to correct their social skills. 'K?
Now then...
Where do you Put a Character's Flaws?
A character's greatest strength should appear in the first scene that character occupies. The character's Flaw makes its first appearance at the end of that scene -- but only a hint of it.  
Scene One: If the opening scene features the main character, I show that character In Action<
:iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 234 32
From Idea to STORY
----- Original Message -----
How do you develop an idea? How do you come up with the details behind stories? Do you get them from reading books? Do you get them from modern concepts? Or do they just come to you (if so, lucky you XD)? How do you develop the world in which it takes place? People or settings first? Do you include cults/religions/mass groups? How do you come up with these groups?
-- Thoughtful Writer
In other words, what you want to know is:
How do you build a Story from an Idea?
Let's begin by breaking this huge pile of questions down to smaller, bite-sized pieces...
How do you develop an idea?
I start with a Climactic Event.
-- My ideas may originate from anything at all; from a piece of music to a picture I saw on the 'net, but to make a Story from those ideas I start with What I Want to Happen at the very heart of my story -- a central Climactic/Crisis Event. I t
:iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 388 50
Rather have a pet than have kids by KittyJewelpet78 Rather have a pet than have kids :iconkittyjewelpet78:KittyJewelpet78 313 100 YGO: Inners: Kaiba by The-PirateQueen YGO: Inners: Kaiba :iconthe-piratequeen:The-PirateQueen 193 23 Anime Convention Bingo by CrownPrincessLaya Anime Convention Bingo :iconcrownprincesslaya:CrownPrincessLaya 8 21



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Hi, I'm a writer who prefers to keep her identity (mostly) secret. I do a lot of fanfiction and I am working on a novel right now. I have been writing since I was 11 and have drastically improved since I started. I cannot draw, but I will to literature, photomanipulation, tutorial, and pixel requests for my watchers. I do critique art, but I tend to stick to literature and OC's because I feel that judging an art form I do not do, is almost as bad as saying that its easy and takes no effort without actually trying it.
Please ask me before re-posting my work anywhere. As long as you give me credit, I'll most likely let you do it. If you found my tutorials helpful, and wish to share your art with me, feel free to do so.

If I ever say I'm too busy to do something (RP, commission, ect.), I'm not rejecting you, I'm actually busy. If I didn't want to do it, I would've told you so.

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I just ate 30 year old candy. My brother had some weird godzilla candy and neglected to tell me that it was discontinued in the 80's. I hope I don't die, or anything.
Me: *Has twenty tabs, eight word docs, and three photoshop projects open.*

Me: *Wonders why her computers so slow.*
I want to watch Voltron. Should I start with the classic series or the reboot?
How does Hogwarts pay for all that stuff. I mean, I know they use House Elf Labor, but what about food and stuff? Do they have a bunch of donors, maybe they use magic, or do wizards have really high taxes? I know it shouldn't bother me, but it does.
I'm back from Anime Boston, I'll post pics later.
I've recently become obsessed with Sylvanian Families/Calico Critter, and the one set I've been trying to get my hands on is UK exclusive. The British cottage is a lot simpler than the American version, but they'll only ship it to the UK. Like, what the hell? If someone in the UK ordered something from America, They'd get it. But seriously, if anyone knows where I can get that set for a price that isn't outrageous, please tell me. I'll even buy it used if its in a good condition and has all the pieces. 

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Hello! I have a little question. I'm writing a Pokémon fic and my problem is that I hate writing battle scenes, they bore me. I always go for the "X, use Y!" format and a little description of what happens. How can I make them more enjoyable? Not only for me, but for the readers too, of course! :)
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